"Hello.. finn... its time to meet your fate.. you will not escape me" -the mirror animal to finn

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the mirror animal is a unknown mysterious figure that is stalking finn and haunting him, it is unknown what his goal is,

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The mirror animal's past is unknown, its even unknown if he was from the Finn universe, Somepoint (for the current moment), he has found some magic gem, that he used to revive shala before stalking Finn, it is unclear why he revived shala, but it will be revealed in a later episode

Haunting finn and stalking on him Edit

A day later or so the mirror animal was mysteriously inside finn's closet while he looks at pictures of his sister and girlfriend, he jumped out of the closet making finn freak out while he runs out the front door, escaping from him. this causes finn to lock all his doors, without even calling the cops about it.. Finn even tells his friends about it, when finn eats dinner with his friends, he thinks devon or kyle is the mirror animal. but they tell him that they never been in the house.., when finn sleeps over, he dreams of seeing himself in a mirror but his reflection suddenly asks if he misses his sister and girlfriend, and then started to show visions of mike and shala and even carolina. and even gave finn flashbacks of previous events, while he flashes, he comes out of the mirror and tells finn "THIS ENDS NOW" attempting to strike him down in the dream but finn wakes up thanks to luke, the next morning finn tells devon about the mirror animal haunting him, he was last seen hiding behind a tree listening to finn and his friends talk, before running off which confuses finn a bit, confirming that he may have other plans coming. a few days later when finn, luke, carlos, and rick went to find somebody requested by a "Guy named freddy" he appears behind them while finn was complaining about the quest, until luke sees the mirror animal and warns finn, and they ran off from him, making it the first time the others besides finn seen the mirror animal, he comes back that night trying to attack finn but heather stopped him from doing so, making the mirror animal run off, the next morning he followed finn hiding behind a tree and laughs evily after finn found out shala's body is no longer there knowing the time will come soon.

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shala's revenge (Season 1 episode 10, first appearance)

Meet uncle devon!

The girl, the sister, and the mirror animal

Mike vs devon! (mentioned)

Episode 15

Episode 17 (mentioned only)

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

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"This ends.. NOW!!!" -The mirror animal screaming at finn before he wakes up

Trivia Edit

  • his outfit is expired by the mirror man from mcjuggernuggets
  • as of his tail being seen under the cloak it confirms that he is a animal
  • its said that he will be revealed near the end of this season possibly episode 19
  • He talks in a nightmare finn has while sleeping over at devon's house,
  • his only line in episode 11 was "THIS ENDS NOW" during the nightmare
  • he is not in episode 12 carlos and the "magic lego set" or even mentioned
  • he will not be mentioned or seen in episode 16
  • as of his height he seems to be a little taller then finn and the other characters
  • it is unknown why he revived shala
  • as seen near the end of the trailer, for a split second, finn is confronting him with a pistol, meaning its possibly happening near the end of season 1
  • its unknown if he has any other gems or he is searching for more