"Who are you kid?!" "i am... shawn...." -Shawn to carlos-

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Shawn is a 12 or 13 year old gecko who is a enemy of carlos, he is a evil tween that first appears in carlos and the "Magic lego set"

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season 1 episode 12 Carlos and the "magic lego set" (first appearance)

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"you angered the secret wand you croc mother f***er" -shawn to luke-

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  • Shawn is the first animal kid or teen to be a enemy,
  • His personalty is just like shala's.
  • shawn also used to live in dawn city before the series, but he moved away from there, (speaking of which he has not met shala yet but its unknown what these 2 will do when they meet eachother), he was seen in a apartment during his flashback, which means he might have moved to acm city a few months later
  • Even though hes a kid or a teenager he does not have a child voice despite his size looking the same as Finn and his friends
  • he started out as a fan of shala, and had a secret wand as well, but when he realized that she was "Dead" he blames carlos for it,
  • he uses the disguise "Dr shawnbrick" in order to trick carlos and the others to get "the magic lego set"
  • He tells the others that he will be back one day which means he might appear in more episodes in the future