"shala.. she has came back to dawn city.. i..... will...... find.... her......" -lankana seeking shala's return-

info Edit

Shala's escape is a mini spin off series that takes place after episodes 4 and 5 and before episode 10 it focuses on shala escaping from her old town "dawn city" with the help of george the rat, and is being followed by a hunter named stanley and a unknown figure the episodes ends of what the viewers can think what will happen, in the next episode while one of the awensers are already chosen by the channels owner this series ended on april 17th the same day episode 9 of finn the fox came out

Episodes Edit

  1. Lost
  2. Dawn city
  3. False trust
  4. Destiny of escape
  5. Returned at last

Trivia Edit

  • this is the first mini spin off series of finn the fox
  • shala is the main character of this series and george is the secondary character
  • this marks shala's return in finn the fox episode 10 shala's revenge
  • many secrets about shala will be revealed on this mini series
  • stanley only appears in this series. cause he dies in the final episode
  • the girl that looks like shala from kevin's in love, is revealed to be shalas older sister lankana
  • day 3 in episode 3 was taken place in episode 9 (this maybe because day 1 took place during the events of jason comes to town! and day 2 took place during david has a girlfriend which means episode 9 might have taken place 2 days before shala returned)
  • raymond and his friends were flinged to acm city which means they might have a chance of appearing in episode 10 as well as some episodes of finn the fox
  • clips of aftermath of what happend to mr carrot, daran and ian were shown during shalas battle
  • mike has a cameo in this series during shalas fight where he is raging about her
  • shala returns to acm city in the final episode