"I Come from many masks... sister... daughter.. character.. ruler.. but only one was risen and summoned upon here.. FOX DESTROYER!" - shala while fighting finn

info Edit

shala is a 10 or 11 year old evil little girl, who is Finn and his friends most hated person, as well as her haters, she also was in control of mikes show based on her (which she secretly created the character that looked like her), she has 2 retarded parents who are apparently justin bieber fans also retarded, that were killed and has an older sister lankana, (Which she also hates), she is Finn's main enemy, And she is the main "protagonist" of the small spin off series shala's escape

Early life Edit

Shala was born around 2004 or 2005 in dawn city being the daughter of 2 retarded parents and the younger sister of lankana, they easily learned how to take care of themselves while hating Eachother, shala was also friends with a dog named donavan, she was bullied by a lizard named raymond along with 2 other friends, she one day decided to run away from dawn city due to having a crappy life there, but before she leaves she finds a magic cave and met the king and master of all secret wands, she takes one of the secret wands and heads off to acm city, there she owns herself a house and lives alone, one day she watched a video about mike wanting a show with alive objects and a character idea, and wanted it to not have haters hating it, she then decides to create a character that looks like her and then send it to mike making him think that one of his workers gave him the idea, the secret wand did every script mike's episodes wanted, he never even had a voice actor hired for shala's character and he never did know about it, some of the workers helped with the project, she one day heard about biggest haters ranting on it such as finn and his friends.

First time Encountering Finn Edit

one day, finn was trying to find a channel to watch family guy but he flicked to the channel her show was on, finn tells his friends that its some crappy kids show, and turns off the tv, She arrived secretly after hearing that they are her show's biggest haters, she then thinks of using carlos as a test subject, even though she did it to other haters, she makes carlos poop on the floor causing the 4 to leave carlos behind to clean it up while waiting for him upstairs, carlos decides to just sit back and watch tv before he goes upstairs, he turns it back on while its still at the channel shalas on, he makes a joke and knows she can't hear him cause shes a stupid character, carlos decides to just walk off but suddenly the character begins talking to him, carlos was in shock and wonders how shes talking to him, and she tells him to be nice and friendly to him, carlos screams alot while she tells the "kids" that she will hypnotize carlos, she does so and carlos starts seeing crazy things in his mind, while watching the show hypnotized, finn came in and wondered why carlos was stareing at the tv, shala's character of her tried to hypnotize finn as well but he snapped out of it, shala in the other side doesn't know if sucking him in the tv was a great idea, but finn brings one of his friends to see carlos being hypnotized but the tv show character sucks finn into the tv, and explains why every hater would get hypnotized, finn insults her and the character gets angry and they fight eachother, the character tells him he will not find the secret wand, but the wand is below finn, and he grabs it and s
Shala after Finn causes the show to get canceled

Shala during the aftermath of her show getting canceled

naps it into two causing the objects in the show to go into normal objects and freeing the haters, from her hypnotized curse, confused on what just happend, finn is free from the tv while the character sees that shes now canceled, shala was not very happy.. and decided to get revenge.

Revenge on Finn, Edit

Shala putting a hood on before calling mike

Shala putting on a hood

A few days later shala worn a cloak and a hood to disguise herself so no one can know shes a real person, she calls mike and tells him that she needs his help, and to talk to her on skype when he gets to the office, when mike gets to the office she tells him the plan and what will happen if he fails each of them, mike agrees with this plan after what has happend to his show, and writes a invitaton to finn, carlos, kevin, luke, jerry, andy, and his two sons david and mike jr, to his studio to make them "learn about his animations" they had no idea he made a tv studio, mike then drawn shala for them and finn suddenly has a short vision of her talking to him for a short second before he screams at mike that he created shala, mike was confused at first but finn tells him on who he just drawn, mike tells him that its a character named shala, and reveals he created the show, and he decides to show them a clip of shala hypnotizeing them, however, his employe frank added a clip during the hypnotize part, of his project called snap out of it stars which snaps them out of it, mike slowly turns off the tv and runs into frank's room yelling at him, and beating him up and pooping on his contract, mike came back into the "Class room" and yelled at everyone and ran to his office angry that his first plan failed, later finn and his friends barged in and david confronts mike trying to make him stop his angryness, mike refuses and grabs a saber shala ordered him to use incase he fails the first plan, (Which he has), and battled david, but david destroys the saber and attempts to kill mike, but shala uses the secret wand (secretly) and turns off his saber, finn and his friends are confused on who the stranger is and the stranger looks at finn in person, and luke is confused on how she knows his name, she takes off her hood and reveals herself to be a real person, finn was shocked at this moment, seeing the person that he thought was a
Shala using the wand on finn and his friends

Shala reveals herself to finn

character a actural person, mike was happy, she explains that the cartoon character of herself was made to make mike's dreams come true, and she secretly controlled it, and it was going good until finn was sucked into the tv canceling the show, finn tells her that she sucked him into the tv in the first place and since she was real they all yell and explain what they hate about her, shala loses it and sliences them all ear rapely while kevin tells her to stop with the screaming, shala tells him to shut up, and continues talking and thinks that her character would have hypnotized him if even he was sucked into the tv mistakely until she got insulted by him causing the character to get angry, and because of the secret wand on the show it doomed the whole show, finn bets its not real, however, shala showed him the real secret wand, and she used it to controlled the show, and that the secret wand he snapped in the show was only hypnotizing and was only the heart of the show, jerry angers the secret wand making it angry while shala smiles evily at jerry for making that happen, mike jr wonders if shes gonna hypnotize them, shala replied that shes gonna make everything alive and then attack them, she does so and then creates copys of finn kevin luke jerry and carlos, as well as happy kid happy (who is useless), she then suddenly battles david and tells yellow finn to just finnish off finn, that is when yellow finn gives her a idea, she used the wand to blast david to a wall knocking him out, finn kicks yellow finn out of the way and runs up to shala fighting her for real this time for a short moment, while trying to get the secret wand, he easily defeats her and grabs the wand but the yellow finn kicked him causing shala to grab the wand back, but yellow carlos poops causing them to get distracted and get defeated by finn and his friends, shala angerly grabs the 5 and brings them over to her, and explains why she exists, she tells them she was born in a city and she had retarded parents that she hates and she went to some "magical land" where she found the secret wand at and she used it to make carlos poop, carlos interrupts her talking and wonders why she said that, shala replied that she had to wait for his jokes to be over so she can hypnotize him, and that the reason she wants revenge on them is cause the 5 are her biggest haters, and that she hypnotized carlos to test the 5 for no reason at all, until it led to the show being canceled, and she brought them there so they can join her, carlos angerly Interrupts again after finding out that shes the reason he got yelled at by jerry and even being sent to the studio battling her and the others, shala confusedly reponds to him that the show doesn't deserve to be hated and thats why she hates everyone that hates her and the show, she asks them to deal with it but carlos gets angry and punches her behind mike, carlos randomly powers up and comes towards her, and falcon punches her out the window flinging her away, while the secret wand explodes, turning everything normal,

meanwhile she wakes up finding herself in a unknown city, she even encounters dora,

Returned to dawn city and escape Edit

"Dawn city?. It can't f***ing be!" -shala's shock upon being back to her old town"

Shala when she discovers shes back in her former home town

shala upon returning to dawn city

days later she had enough of being with dora and leaves her, she wonders where she was, later the next day the green backpack of hers asks how they will go back to the city but shala doesn't know how, until she hears someone saying "hello" she runs to find the person who is revealed to be george that was flinged by sarah the other day she decides to help george and the two talk about how they ended up in the city, suddenly the backpack tells them that he sees someone, they turn to see stanley, and he takes them to dawn city a town she was born in and escaped a few years ago, shala was shocked to be back in dawn city, they later go to mcdonalds where she meets her old friend Donavan, who witnessed finn attacking her on the tv show, while questioning on why george looks familiar to a rat dancing his butt off on some video, while raymond and his friends spotted shala being in the city again, later that day shala stanley and george are at a park talking about how to escape the city, but then raymond and his friends comes back, wanting to bully shala again, but shala and george attacks the two, while stanley steals her backpack betraying them, shala chased stanley while george finnishes the 3 off, but stanley gets away, shala has no idea how to get him until a "cloaked figure" jumped down walking Towards her, wanting to take her "Home" but george stops her, and they take off the figure's mask to only to discover its non other then lankana, lankana explains why she followed shala and that her retarded parents are dead, shala then force her to tell her if she knows where backpack and stanleys location is, but lankana "doesn't know" and wanted clues, or else she will beat her up in 4 days, a few days has passed and lankana finally "helps them" but they lead her to the road that leads to acm city shala paused that she can't leave without backpack,
Shala requesting a powerful secret wand

shala in the secret wand cave

therefore, lankana pulls her gun out and reveals that she has been lying to her and wanted her to go alone without her backpack and george, and she wanted to steal one of her ponytails cause it makes her look like a "little b*tch" and she also watched her show, and it made her cringe, and didn't care if finn kicked shala's ass, and that shes glad that her plan to make mike's dreams come true failed, stanley came and captures george while lankana grabs her ponytail hair and forces shala to leave, shala thinks for a min and goes to the magic cave and tells the king and master of all secret wands to give her a powerful secret wand to get her revenge on finn and escape dawn city, she had to pet him first and then create the super secret wand, the next day she talks with donavan again, and explains what happend, she also questioned if donavan had a crush on her, but he tells him that he has a girlfriend, shala paused nervously and begins to go save george,
Shala using the super secret wand for the first time

shala using the super secret wand for the first time

while having flashbacks of her past, she runs to the park and encounters raymond and his friends again, she fights them and manages to defeat raymond's friends, shala slowly grabbed the super secret wand behind her and uses it on the 3, causing them to get flinged, she tested making some of the objects alive, and she sensed where stanley lived at, and the super secret wand leads her to his location, she arrives and destroys the door, they are suprised she is back, they aims their guns on her, they shoot shala but she is protected by the super secret wand, she destroys lankana's gun and grabs stanley's gun and aims it at the two, and
Shala before she kills stanley

shala before she kills stanley

that she will shoot one of them, lankana tells her that she doesn't need to leave but shala rejects her words, and she sliences her, stanley tells her to just shoot herself and he wants to rob more people, shala tells them both that one of them will die and she will leave dawn city again forever, she then decides to kill stanley (for robbing her and captureing her friends) lanakna gets pissed and trys to attack her, but shala forces her to back off and give her back her ponytail, lankana gives up and gives it to her, shala puts it back on and tells her to get out of her life and not follow her, and she will have revenge on everyone including her, lankana tells her that backpack and george are in the closet, shala goes inside and frees the two, stanley says his last final words, shala replied to him to stay there and die, after stanley dies george tells her theres no way to escape but shala used the super secret wand to make a fast rocketship to escape, they both get on and escape dawn city, 
Shala escapes dawn city

Shala and george escaping dawn city

The return and revenge. Edit

"Finn the f***ing fox long time no f***ing see!" -shala suprising finn after returning-

Shala after returning to the city

Shala after escaping dawn city

after she escapes dawn city, she along with george, returns to acm city, and plans her revenge on finn, she used the super secret wand to give finn a nightmare of all his enemies and his friends enemies from previous episodes attacking finn and his friends, she made everyone go against him in the dream, making her in the dream scare finn waking him up, while finn goes back to sleep shala smiles evily about her revenge, the next day, she sensed finn has invited all his friends to a park to talk about the dream, he tells george that their first move is to get mike and then their plan will begin, later at the studio she hears mike argueing with frank, shala barges into the room and hypnotizes the 4, making them like her and the show, mike is happy that she is back, she tells him that she was flinged in dawn city and she introduces george to him, shala tells mike that its time to get their revenge on their enemies, and make his dreams come true, she tells them the plan, she used the super secret wand to revive her show on all the tvs, and devices, and hypnotizes everyone (Except finn, and his friends, and lankana raymond and the other 2), she made a ball alive that derek will see, and tell everyone, mariana tried taking a picture but her phone was alive, finn then figures out why everything is alive,
Shala reunites with finn

Finn encountering shala after a week

but then shala teleported to finn and his friends, finn thought she would've been dead by now shala laughs evily and tells him that they thought she was dead after being flinged by carlos, and fallen to her death, and reveals she was still alive, and tells them why shes back is to get their revenge, jerry questions what she means by "our" and then george and mike appeared, carlos gets angry about encountering the 3 but shala silences him and tells finn and his friends to look around them, she tells them that she hypnotize everyone they known and she will make every single thing alive, while mike tells them that they won't ruin his dreams again, and that finn will have the biggest regret he ever had, george tells them that they will defeat them all, sarah tried to convince them to stop helping shala but they refuse to finn tells mike and george that he doesn't want to have to fight them but has to if he must and she would take on shala again,, shala angerly yells at finn and everyone,
Shala with mike and george

shala with mike and george

and tells them mike and george will not stop, she insults them and tells finn that she was the one that made the nightmares he had about her happen, and wants them to obey them, finn and the rest refuses and they begin to fight eachother, shala fought finn, jerry, carlos, andy, small rock, mr pepper, tappor, while george, battles kevin luke derek and carloline, and while mike battles his children and mariana, during her fight she gets insulted by mr pepper for muting him, shala tells him hes just a small pepper, but small rock hits her leg making her bleed and scream, while mike and george are shocked while most of finn and his friends are nervous and stern over her screaming, luke has had enough of hearing her scream and yells at her, finn smiles and that they can now bash her to death, but the super secret wand heals her, mariana was distracted by this and this cause mike to punch her, david gets angry and they still battle, carlos runs to shala and fights her, but shala grabs his fist and punches him in the face knocking him out for flinging her back to dawn city, later in the battle, she sees mike and george getting defeated causing her to rage upon them all, andy trys to shoot her with his own nerf gun but shala sheilds herself, david runs to fight her again, she tells him hes not a real jedi and has no idea how he even got a real lightsaber, david tells her to give up, but she says F*** you at him, and reveals that not only mike wants his dreams to come true, she wants everything alive as well, and no ones gonna stop her, finn tells her that they can get the new secret wand from her, shala stops fighting david and tells them to come and get her, before finn can catch her she jumps into a hoverboard, and "Gets away", the others encounters more alive objects, while finn spots a rocket that he and jerry uses to chase shala while the others destroy some of the alive objects, in the skies jerry and finn catches up to her and grabs the super secret wand, shala smiles evily when finn tried to destroy it only to find out its still alive, it teleports back to shala and she forms as ian (with his long hair) and throws a saber that came with her form, right at the rocket's engine, causing it to fall straight down, shala laughs evily, but finn and jerry escapes and does a toy story reference, but shala grabs the two and sends them right at the boys, carloline confronts her after she hurted andy and the rest, shala turns and insults her, but she was defended by sarah along with ashley and mariana, she is suprised to finally fight the girls she never met, she battles the 4 girls while insulting most of them, ashley defeats her and everyone surrounds the 3 and finn forces her to undo everything to everything and everyone and leave acm city, but her alive rocket allies approaches finn and his friends causing them to retreat, shala tells mike that they haven't got away yet, she talks to them through their turned off tv, and tells them that they won't stop her again, and she turns finn and his friends into stone (Except finn will eventually get out only due to her plan shes having for him), while shala laughs at her plan after defeating finn's friends and him (for now), lankana, raymond and the other 2 confronts shala, shala turns angerly at lankana, lankana is suprised she "Defeated" finn and made everything alive, and hypnotized everyone in the city, shala thought she has told her to not follow her, and that she came at the wrong time, and asked her if shes trying to advenge the death of stanley, lankana replied that stanley hated her the whole time, and that they are there to give her payback for what she has done to them, raymond tells her not to use the super secret wand on them, but shala evily smiles and hypnotizes the 4,
Shala using the super secret wand to take over the world

shala using the super secret wand to take over the world

shala finally has the chance to make mikes dreams fully come true, she uses the super secret wand at the skies making everything including dawn city and acm city and the world alive with cute faces, making her take over the world (now known as happy alive cute faces world), she suddenly sensed that finn escaped and ordered mike to capture him, later finn is brought to shala finn is angry at her for turning his friends into stone and making the city alive, she tells her she has made everyone obey to her as well as taking over the world, and mike's dreams has came true and that he will no longer have anymore haters, finn tells him to think about what hes doing, mike rejects his word and shala reveals to him that she planned on this since the very begining, making everything alive and making mike's dreams come true and making herself a cartoon character that looks like her, she also shows finn a view of finn's friends getting hypnotized by her making finn loses it all after she takes away his friends and family because of her, shala evily smiles at finn while hes tearing up, that he has lost everything, and has no one to fight besides him, and she guessed its because shes a stupid son of a b*tch and a sad coward and since the day she sucked him in the tv, he has made a mistake causing this whole thing to be his biggest mistake in history, she tells him to give up and just join her, finn refused and doesn't give up, she tells her that even if his friends are gonna be hypnotized and hes never gonna give up fighting her and evil will never win, shala ordered george to attack finn, she watches as george fights finn, but finn grabs his fist and tells him if he wanted his family and his life to be like this, george slowly paused a bit after hearing that but finn thinks he was gonna say no, and defeats george, shala gets very angry after george's defeat, she knocks finn to the ground and yells at him for thinking he can still stop her and laughs evily, about his friends not being around, george gets up and looks at shala about to kill finn, shala tells finn that its his own fault for making everything happen and that victory is all hers, george then stops her from killing finn, shala was shocked and angry at george for betraying her after everything she done with him, she tells the two that they are both screwed, and ordered mike and the objects to attack them but they failed, suddenly shala had a idea and tells the super secret wand to give her the power of form, she forms from david to george, while fighting the two, but she gives up and unforms and continues fighting them, later she gets defeated by finn, and tells the two that they are really pissing her off, finn angerly replied to her that shes the one making him mad, she then started mentioning his friends in a insult way, causing finn to rage, and punching her to the face, while having a few short flashbacks of the goodtimes and sad times, shala thinks that finn is tearing up cause of his friends, finn angerly yells at her to shut up and continues beating her up over what she done, finn forces her to undo everything again, but the super secret wand tells them that she won't undo everything and they don't know its power and weakness and laughs evily while turning the sky red and flying above it, it blasted at shala causing her to turn into a evil monster,
Shala using a beem against finn

Shala now powerful,

with her skin looking dark, she grown sharped teeth and nails, and her voice was so darken, and she was so powerful, the super secret wand tells her to destroy finn, she blasts at finn alot, finn and shala beat eachother up but before finn can hit her again shala grabs his fist and beats him up more as well as kicking his butt to the ground, she uses her power orb again and grabs finn, trapping him in a orb she controls, and throws him to the ground again and tells him that he is a fool and she will kill him, and that no one will see him again, finn runs and hides, until he finds the sword of destroying secret wands appearing infront of him, finn grabs it and walks straight to shala, shala at first wonders why finn is holding a sword but then she had a flashback of the king and master of all secret wand's words about the sword, and finds out finn is holding the sword of destroying secret wands and she tells him that he will die, finn refuses and the sword and shala's power blasts into a beem at eachother, shala tells mike and the alive objects that only she will defeat finn, finn deflected the sword right to her causing her to lose her powers, turning her normal, she tells the super secret wand to kill finn instead and not ruin their dreams the super secret wand did the same thing shala did with finn but the beem
Shala and mike upon seeing the super secret wand's death

shala and mike upon seeing the super secret wand's defeat

went back to the super secret wand, causing the two to scream "NOOO!" the wand turned normal for a min before it exploded, and everything goes normal, mike runs away crying, and shala slowly looks at finn and yells at finn for destroying the super secret wand and ruining mike's dreams again, and that its the third time she has been defeated by him, while she yells finn notices stanley's gun she dropped sometime during the battle and shoots her in the chest, shala while she dies tells him that everything they did led to her "Death", finn tells her that she has messed up most of his days and almost took everything from him, he tells him that he just wants to have a normal life without getting into trouble, and not every nature and object has to be alive with cute faces, and not everyone is suppose to like her show, and
Shala before she gets shot by finn again

Shala moments before she gets shot by finn in the head

that it was her fault for causing him to get sucked into the tv, and tells her she can never win, and that it ends there, shala says her "last words" at finn, then gets shot in the head getting killed, finn finally killed the evil girl who ruined his life, and they left her body there, finn tells his friends they won't see shala again 

Revival. Edit

That night after her defeat, a mysterious figure with a mir
Shala revived

shala after being brought back to life

ror on his face walked up to shala's body and used a gem to revive her, and runs off moments before she wakes up, its unknown what she does afterwards  

Presumed to be dead still by many Edit

Many has presumed that she is dead still, however some seen that her body is not where it was when she was shot by finn, but Finn has not dreamed of shala for a while since her "Death", Devon heard that Finn killed the evil girl and was glad about it, one night while sleeping over at devon's house Finn was having a nightmare about the mirror animal, shala was also in the dream along with mike and daran and carolina, where she tells finn if he feels guilty for killing her, she later mentions her past quote when she was powerful, she even acted like daran for a moment, the next day finn mentioned her being in the dream of the mirror animal, Finn even first saw her sister lankana and he remenbers shala forming as her and she looked almost like shala, finn was also a bit scared but he stop worrying about it, lankana even keeps thinking about shala and hopes shes still on the area she was shot at, when she arrived she notices her body was gone thinking that they moved it or buried it, still not knowing of shala's revival.. mike was also sad about her being "dead" and losing his dreams, some days later carlos and his friends were invited to a mansion to find a "magic lego set" that can make them wish for anything they want if they build it, by "dr shawnbrick" however they were tricked and shawnbrick was actually a 12 year old gecko named shawn and the magic lego set was a secret wand just like shala's he captures them and explains that he had been a fan of shala, and that he was angry that finn killed shala all cause of carlos flinging her and leading it to her "end", shawn attempts that he will take shala's place but mr pepper escapes from the yellow chains and tried to stop him but gets turned into a dog, causing the others to get free and they all fight the army of stupid happy people, carlos confronts shawn and calls him a very similar nickname that finn calls shala, and grabs the wand and snaps it in half just like finn did to the tv secret wand, shawn was angry and tells carlos he will be back one day and runs off upset that he didn't get his plan, completed,

Return Edit

Episode appearances Edit

S1Ep3 Shala obsession (first appearance only in character)

S1Ep4 the truth about shala (First real appearance)

Shala's escape (mini series)

S1Ep8 david has a girlfriend (indirect mention only)

S1Ep10 shala's revenge

S1Ep11 meet uncle devon (appears in dream)

S1Ep12 carlos and the "magic lego set" (flashback and mentioned)

S1Ep13 the girl the sister and the mirror animal (mentioned only)

S1Ep14 (mentioned only)

Finn the fox christmas special 2018! (Non canon)


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Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

"Dawn city? it can't f***ing be!" -shala when she discovers she has returned to her old town
"Finn the fox... you mother f***er..." -shala finally seeing finn in person after the defeat of her character
"Behold.. the fast rocket" -shala introducing the fast rocket to george and backpack-
"Yes its true.. i am a real f***ing person" - shala revealing herself to Finn
"How will we go back to the city? hell i don't know" -shala reponding to her backpacks question
"You know what you can do after all this s***? you can go f*** your- -shala's "final" words before getting shot in the head

Trivia Edit

  • shala's character that looks exactly like her is based off of dora the explorer, exxcept she doesn't teach kids any other languages and she doesn't have any animal friend with her and only alive objects and houses, and her secret wand and backpack, shala's design is also expired by dora the explorer
  • in the episode 3 title of shala obsession her shirt was a bit lighter and her skin was almost the same as doras and she had a pink bow on her hair, it may was gonna be a early version of shala
  • shala was originally gonna be only a cartoon character that was secretly controlled by a wizard, and mike in the original plot of episode 4 was also gonna explain the origins of his show, however this was all twisted in the real version of episode 4 cause it was decided not to just have her as a cartoon character from the show but a real person and a major enemy for most finn episodes
  • shala when she was hooded resembled palpatines cloak as darth sidious, when they didn't show their faces, also when shala takes off her hood the clone wars music anakin sees his future was playing,
  • its confirmed that there will be a mini series of her trying to get back to acm city, that takes place after each episode
  • her ponytail hairstyle is the same as her main hairstyle except the other pigtail is removed to make it look like a ponytail
  • carlos mentoned that mr pepper possibly hates her, which has revealed to be true in shala's revenge
  • in episode 5 kevins a love, a girl familiar to shala was seen thinking george was talking to the "kids" its unknown if shes related to shala, or its unknown if they are friends or foes,
  • shala has her own mini series "shala's escape" which started on youtube on january 11th 2018 on which it takes place after episode 5 and before episode 10
  • its revealed that her backpack can actually talk
  • in shala's escape episode 2 dawn city, we learn that she has a old friend named donavan who still lives there, we also encounter her past bully raymond and his friends, (also in that episode we see a flashback of her retarded parents and that girl that george encountered in episode 5, that might possibly be her sister who is revealed to be lankana)
  • she finally escapes dawn city in the finale of shalas escape
  • shala is the first enemy to get killed and then get revived
  • it is unknown why the mirror animal revived shala but it will be discovered soon enough
  • shala is most likely confirmed to be in the second season meaning she will not die again in this season She may just be a major enemy for most of the series
  • shawn is confirmed to be a fan of hers and acts like her, it can be predicted that the 2 might sooner or later encounter eachother in a future episode