"don't f*** with mr nice croc" - lukes famous quote

info Edit

Luke is a young adult croc who lives in acm city and is the cousin of jerry, he seems to get harsh at some annoying things and shows he doesn't like, he trys to enjoy his day like his best friend finn and the rest, even he hates mr pepper's annoyness, whenever jerry gets angry alot sometimes, luke trys to calm him down, luke is sometimes furious over kid shows and annoying enemies and other enemies, but hes a nice and kind friend to everyone he trusts

early life Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Lukes head is not the same animal base like any other animal characters, his eyes are more close together, (in a few later seasons he might get a update)
  • its unknown how luke is jerrys cousin, but its possble that their grandparents were both a croc and gator, and lukes father was possibly a croc while his uncle (jerrys father) was a gator
  • As a child he was afraid of a clown named gary who is at his favorite arcade, even when grown up he is still scared of gary
  • luke has a pocket on his shirt unlike kevin jerry and carlos,