"HE IS THE LAMEST STUPIDEST BROTHER EVER!!" -mike ranting on his brother at troy-

Info Edit

Devon is a lizard who is the younger brother of mike, he sometimes is seen wearing a hat and glasses, his appearance is familiar to mikes a bit, He is a kind and good lizard and uncle to david, sarah, ashley, and mike jr and mikes other children, he is a good friend to finn and his friends, he is also the father of kyle and a few other unknown children, his wife is unknown, he also cooks sometimes with his friend troy, he first appears in MEET UNCLE DEVON!

Trivia Edit

  • Devon is kind of based on uncle larry from mcjuggernuggets except devon sometimes doesn't wear glasses and a hat most of his time,
  • his head Design is a bit different then mikes
  • even though hes kind he sometimes gets a bit angry over somethings that goes wrong, unlike his brother rage quitting
  • according to devon himself, mike used to be nice until he came up with the shala shit, which is possibly why mikes being a bitch as of right now
  • devon often wears another shirt, he even wears a shirt that matches mike's
  • Mike's worker troy is his best friend who hangs with him and helps him cook and other stuff