"I can skateboard better" -david

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David (Dave Wilmore) is a 13 year old human teenager who lives in acm city with his parents and siblings, he is good at skateboarding, and he is one of finn's other friends, he sometimes hangs with finn or one of the others in some episodes, he has his own friends he hangs out with often, he dislikes his father mike due to his anger issues over the years and wants him to change, he is also Mariana's boyfriend and he is sarahs younger brother and a year younger then ashley, and the older brother of mike jr, and youngest and oldest of some other siblings.

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David was born sometime around January 6 2002 being one of mikes other children, being the younger brother of ashley and sarah and his other older siblings, at one point he was afraid of his angry father, the way he acted most of the time, except mike was stlil kind of nice to him back in the days, he at one point met his girlfriend mariana while his dad was going angry over a show he created, (which was secretly made by shala after she made the main character that looks like her) he started getting haters and got mad at his children even more, hating them for hating his show, david had no idea why his father liked the show, he eventually met rick, mason, christina, craig, Garrett, flint and mark, one day, and he even encountered a an angry teen named ian who hated him so much,

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  • its unknown who david's mother is
  • david was going to just be a minor character but, guardian ninja decided to add him as a major main character along wtih ashley and mike jr, and carloline and derek and mariana
  • david used a lightsaber to fight his father (its unknown where he even got one) he even uses it in other episodes, until it was destroyed by lankana, its unknown if he is able to fix it, or get a replacement with the help of his girlfriend mariana
  • david has great fighting skills and can easily defeat someone, however he was defeated by shala, (after yellow finn gave her a idea) and ian after getting kicked,
  • its revealed david met mariana before the series started
  • david has a girlfriend is the first episode that stars david as the main focus of the episode
  • david appears in the news in the first shala's escape episode
  • Unlike any other character in the series (except mariana christina, heather, and sarah and some of the cameo characters) david has blue eyes, and white pupils,
  • david will be updated in season 2
  • david does have friends that are older then him currently. but its unknown if he has any friends that are his age, besides his girlfriend
  • he was gonna appear in meet uncle devon as the focus but the plot changed, however he can be seen in the pictures