YOU GOT PRANKED HAHAHAAHA -kevin after revealing the prank to carlos

Info Edit

Carlos gets pranked in the shower is the 2nd finn short uploaded on youtube, and is also the first finn short in 2018

plot Edit

the short begins at carlos's house where kevin and luke are watching a doll commerical for a talking interactive doll of a tv series called shaly, carlos then tells the two hes gonna shower, and kevin and luke came up with a plan to prank him by using a bucket of ice and the shaly interactive doll that his young sister has, since carlos is scared of the show, luke records with the camera, meanwhile in the bathroom carlos uses the toilet to poop and then takes his shirt off and gets in the shower and sings a song he made up, but then the shaly doll comes in and scares him making him screen (involving him pooping again.) and then kevin throws ice on him freezing him up, few mins later he comes out (with a orange tanktop) and then kevin reveals its a prank to him which made carlos angry, after the credits jerry was watching the video and wondered what he just watched,

Trivia Edit

  • this is the first finn short where finn never appears in,
  • this is the first time we see carlos's house
  • the fox girl from episode 3 is seen on the commerical
  • carlos's butt is shown when he was taking off his shirt,
  • kevin throwing ice on carlos's is familiar to the ice bucket challange from 2014
  • this is the first time we see carlo's young sister
  • this is the first short where we don't see kevin carlos luke and jerry wtih finn, all though jerry appeared after the credits
  • this short may have taken place before or after episode 5
  • this isn't the first time we seen carlos naked he was first seen nude along with jerry kevin and luke and the 2017 recap video when finn was randomly wearing their shirts
  • its revealed that carlos has a young sister in this short