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Carlos is a dog who lives in acm city with finn, his hobby is making jokes, he trys to avoid pooping on the floor, but he sometimes fails to and gets yelled at by jerry hes finn's bestest friend like jerry luke and kevin

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he was born around sometime in january 1997 and was the son of his unnamed parents, he does have siblings, but they aren't shown yet, one day he met his bestest friend finn, along with 3 others, jerry, kevin and luke (jerry's cousin), and (who will eventually become finn's girlfriend) carolina, he likes making jokes at them but sometimes they get annoying, sometime before 2015 he was sad that finn's girlfriend was out of town for a few months but continues to hang out with him,

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Sometime between small rock gets owned and the worst pepper in the world Edit

he eventually had a twitter account and heard about shala the cute girl and tweeted out why he hates the show,

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  • Carlos looks similar to the garfield character odie
  • Carlos was the second character to be made
  • when he craps in episode 1 after finn yells. jerry did not get mad at him
  • a dog that looks like him will appear in episode 5 as a cameo, its unknown if it would be his brother or cousin or maybe its just another dog
  • he makes his first ever cameo in episode 7 during the arcade fight scene, its unknown why he didn't help finn and his friends fight daron
  • carlos gets his own episode in episode 12
  • He was going to be the one that shala hates the most but it was twisted to be finn instead
  • he is the older than finn, jerry, luke, and kevin despite them all being born in the same year He is the oldest member of the group