Awesome! -andy's catchphrase

info Edit

andy is a 6 year old fox who lives with his brother finn and dog tappor, he likes playing with his dog tappor and best friend mike jr, and carloline sometimes he gets jealous sometimes when finn gets all the other fun that he can't get, he loves his family and siblings and friends, and hes there for his older brother whenever crap happens. he is also friends with derek

appearences Edit

he has never appeared in episodes 1-3 but he first appeared in the intro with tappor, his first debut episode appearence was the truth about shala. which he was invited along with his best friend mike jr and david and his older brother finn and his friends they also fought happy kid happy,

Trivia Edit

  • andy has the same head as finn at the current moment (he may one day get a newer face that looks a bit younger or not)
  • he was first shown in the intro, despite not appearing until episode 4,
  • near the end of episode 3 there was a young fox that looks like him but only with a blue shirt, its unknown if this was a sibling/cousin of his or just some kid
  • he was playing lego star wars in the "new" mr pepper
  • in andy's beautiful new friend, he immagines his future if his friends didn't want to hang out with him, he has the same template as his older brother finn, except the shirt color is the same as andy's current shirt and his voice is a bit higher then davids
  • finn and andy and another sister sibling, is the only known family members of finn that appeared, its unknown when his other younger or older siblings will appear